Monday, June 11, 2012

Lovely Lou

The quilt top above is for my daughter, Amanda. Amanda picked all the fabrics and pattern. The original pattern is by Nancy Rinks, called "Costa Del Sol." I added borders to enlarge the pattern to a king size bedspread. Never in a million years would I have ever put these particular fabrics together, but I love it.

I have been quilting only a short time and have completed one quilt. That particular quilt I quilted in the ditch on my Singer Featherweight and hated every minute of it. Then I found Leah Days' wonderful website and have been practicing free motion quilting like a crazy woman. Leah is a young woman with the ability to teach like no one I have ever seen. She is amazing and inspirational. Because of her I have learned to free motion and I am getting better every day. I now have Amanda's quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt, but I am still practicing on another older quilt that I treasure, but it was falling apart. Practicing on a king size quilt has helped me learn to move the bulk of my quilt. 
Though I have not been blogging, I have been studying Leah's website and it is awesome. She is so free with her knowledge and will be blessed for her giving attitude. Blogging is also new to me, so my learning curve has been quite steep for the last couple of months. All pure pleasure...

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