Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun, fun, fun…quilting on hold!

You may think I have fallen off the side of the earth, but that is not the case! After attending my 40th (yikes) high school reunion, we came back by my daughter’s house and brought Mia, our granddaughter, home with us. Oh my, there is just nothing like being grandparents! The best part of being a retired MeeMaw is that I can put everything else on hold to play. She has been with us for almost two weeks, and today I will take her to meet her mom and dad. She has missed them, and they are certainly ready for Mia to come home.

We have had a blast, even though she is fighting tooth and nail for her independence. She likes to dress herself, and that’s okay with me. Sometimes her choices are a little odd, but I don’t care! Mia is 3 years and one month old, with just enough baby left in her that she likes to cuddle up with me at night to read her books. Sometimes, she will even let me still hold her while she drinks her Sippy cup. All sweet times for me, but I have to admit I so miss that little baby girl. How fun it is to watch her grow and become a little lady. She has a great imagination and is as smart as she can be. Today we measured and weighed her and marked it on a special wall in my house. She is 42 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds.Mia 42" tall and 40 lbs

Her PawPaw brought home an old motorized car for her; however, it has no motor or battery. Resourceful best describes my husband. So as you can see in the video below, a good time was had by all. Only one trip down and back up the driveway for MeeMaw and one for PawPaw—being that both of us are way out of shape and soft as marshmallows. We eventually tied the car onto Mia’s tricycle so that she could pull her stuffed toys around, and that stopped the whining for more rides. She has lots of energy and has enjoyed this silly, fun activity!

Mia’s having a great time! MeeMaw is exhausted!

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