Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Few Things Learned. . .

My workspace minus the table to the leftI believe my workspace is absolutely ideal, other than the fact that it is hotter than blue blazes in San Antonio, Texas. However, the heat is not enough to deter me from my sewing space. Having a huge table is such a luxury that I could only dream about just a couple of months ago.

Spending a lot of time reading Leah Days blog and a few others, plus the years of personal sewing (not quilting) experience, has taught me a few things that I believe are essentials for my space.


  • The step stool on the right provides perfect shelving for my laptop, my phone, my camera, an occasional Bud Light Lime and Beer Salt. Pandora is always a must, thus you see speakers on the back side of the table.
  • The acrylic extension table is without a doubt a useful tool and makes life more pleasant.
  • The Supreme Slider (as recommended by Leah) makes free motion so much easier.
  • Fans are essential to survival. We even found a screen door for a two car garage at Harbor Freight. No more mosquitos and other flying pests. Before the screen, I had to use an insect repellant several times everyday.
  • The comfy bar stool that you see is one of two that I found at a yard sale. What a terrific addition to my dream sewing space and for Mark to use for flint napping or working on his evening computer reports!
  • Even though my table has a great Formica top I have found that clear vinyl of medium gauge placed on the table top helps move my King size quilt much more easily. It works great to spray the table with just a light coat of water before placing the vinyl down, then use a hand towel to smooth out all the wrinkles. The water will help the vinyl to temporarily adhere to the table.

Spray water bottle



  • Since I find tape an essential tool, I have taken an old pair of scissors and every time I cut a piece of tape I just leave those scissors taped to the roll. No more looking for the end of the tape or taking a chance of using good scissors!
  • Recently I read on a quilting message board about a lady who was having trouble using the cone holder thread tray. I had the same issues. So I cut it down and keep my bobbins and scissors on it right next to my machine. Then I inserted a straw over my thread pole on my machine and have been extremely pleased with the result. No hopping thread spools!

cone holder tray             Straw over thread pole             Straw over thread pole