Saturday, June 16, 2012

Progress on Lovely Lou…

Center Four Blocks on Lovely Lou
So far I have quilted a feather wreath in four of the 24 blocks. I can see improvement with each one I’ve done. I am actually fairly pleased. My traveling skill is an area I am trying to improve. I know this is an ambitious pattern for a beginner in free motion quilting, but each stitch is done because I want to get better everyday.
I have been using a stencil with a water soluble marking pen . I have had no problem removing the markings. As soon as I finish for the day I lay out the quilt flat on my table and use a spray bottle with plain water to saturate the blocks that I have completed. By the next morning the quilt is dry, marks are gone and ready for the next block to be marked and quilted. So that is what I am going to do…

Quilted wreath #1        Quilted wreath #2      Quilted wreath #3       Quilted wreath #4

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