Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving right along:

Stencil markingsI have now completed a feather wreath in 10 out of 24 blocks, and  let me tell you there are some ugly stitches, but not any toe catchers.  I decided that unless it was just unbearable I would not rip stitches and so far I have not removed any. My daughter is excited that I am learning this new skill of free motion on her quilt. She’ll be tolerate of my many mistakes, and it is will be fun later to know that she has my first project. I hope to look back and laugh at the stitches when I actually reach a respectable level of mastery.
I read some where to be sure to fill in the gaps after marking a stencil. I have tried it both ways, I actually think I do better without the lines completed. I am so concerned with staying on the lines that I cannot relax and just stitch. So today I am not completing the lines and hope to see improvement in my execution of these feather wreaths.
I know I have not participated in the quilt along, but I will catch up. Leal Day is generous to teach so much, and I have much to learn. So even though I am in the process of trying to complete this quilt, I do plan to do the tuts she has posted.
Free Motion Quilt Along

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