Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stencil Stitching...

Quilting by stencil is rather restricting and somewhat boring. However, according to many well known quilters, it is helping to reinforce my muscle memory for the shape of these feathers. I've completed 14 out of 24 wreaths, and I am ready to get these finished so that I can enjoy the freeform designs that I have learned from Leah Day on The Free Motion Quilting Project. For several months now I have been following Leah's excellent teaching.

Leah, I spent the last couple of years in my education career evaluating teachers. You have a remarkable gift which you are kind enough to share with the wide internet audience. Your relaxed style is conducive to learning a hands on skill. You have created a unique atmosphere that make your followers feel fearless and capable, resulting in confidence to try something new.  Your instructions are clear and easy to follow; your demonstrations, priceless! Evidence of a strong teacher is the ability to say the same thing several different ways so that everyone in the audience has an extended opportunity to understand what you mean. Not only do you say it in a variety of ways, you show it with fabulous videos, you write about it with great wit. And then, you are willing to answer all of the many questions sent your way. You do all of that exceptionally well!

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