Thursday, June 14, 2012

Started “Lou”

According to Leah Day if you really want to learn a particular pattern, quilt a quilt with the pattern. Even though I am a newbie to free motion I want to learn to do beautiful feathers. Doesn’t everyone?  What better way to learn than doing it.  So I have decided to do a feather wreath in each block of this quilt. I think it will pull the great variety of fabrics together. Any opinions?
My stitches are not great yet, but everyday I see improvement. Thank you, Leah Day. You are responsible for my courage to start quilting this mammoth quilt before I feel like I have mastered the skills. My daughter is going to love the quilt even with missed stitches. I have put my heart and soul into this quilt. I took it completely apart two different times in the piecing process.

Quilted wreath
       Puddled King Bedspread Size Quilt    Hanging light  Suspended Quilt

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