Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday quilting…

awesome flower
I believe I am seeing an improvement in my stitching. I am searching for that “Humm-Purr“ as described by Cindy Needham’s June Tutorial on SewCalGal’s awesome blog. I am still playing around a little bit with tension, but only in small increments on the upper tension. In all my years of sewing experience I have never had to adjust the bobbin tension. I usually wait for the sewing machine doctor to handle that when I have my machine serviced. That practice has served me well.
Outlining these awesome flowers has been like painting with thread. The thread is a beautiful soft yellow color and when the thread builds up, it appears a soft gold. I am liking the effect.
happy plantsRecently I moved my plants to the end of my table where I work. They are happy campers and I am much more attentive to them while indulging myself in this “quilting habit” as Leah Day mentioned.

Another addition has been the treadmill, since Mark and I share the space we are encouraging each other to create a “walking habit.” Also, here are a few of Mark’s rock polishing endeavors.


treadmill for

polished rocksmore polished rocks, crystals, and just cool rockspolished crystals

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