Monday, August 6, 2012

New Project working…


IMG_0820Excitement does not describe how passionately I feel about this project.

Today, I posted on my Facebook a request from all of my family and friends for pics and information about quilts that they own. The picture on the right is one of mine that I will tell more about when the project launches. It is really old from the Shipley side of my family. What a fun way to give credit to our quilters from yesteryear. Those quilters were not so spoiled all our many conveniences of today. I have one that I cannot wait to show you, it is so funny and as folk~art as they come! That one is from the Dalton side of my family. Those of you who quilt today, please join us as well.

Also, the call went out to my hometown of Monahans, Texas. We have a great communication tool going on Facebook thanks to a couple of cool gals and they know who they are. I would love to commemorate the Monahans quilters, both current and past. You all are a part of the history of this great community, so get out the cameras/phones/videos and let me have ‘em. Be sure to include information about you and the quilt/quilter.

I’ll be updating the blog so stay tuned…


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